Want to be part of saving the white rhinos in Africa?

Our mission

A wildly giving investment

Get your own rhino for 10 years

By investing in the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia and become a partner, you will get your own rhino with a sunshine story to be told.

Become a member of the Rhino Sanctuary Network

By investing, you get a 10-year membership to a strong and exclusive network where you meet interesting people from all over the world.

Rhino Sanctuary

What we do

We restore the wild living conditions of white rhinos in a protected area and secure the last persistence of the white rhinos.

How we do it

Together with our strong and exclusive network, we invest in the future of the white rhinos and create a safe environment.

What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

Learn more about the white rhinos and how your investment can help save the species. Now and forever.

Together we can make a difference that will last for decades

To avoid an imminent extinction of the species, we need to rescue and secure the last persistence of our beloved white rhinos. We can no longer deny the need for real action on the matter, and that’s why we founded Rhino Sanctuary Namibia: A wildly safe sanctuary for rhinos to live in.

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