Securing our wildly safe sanctuary

Poaching is an increasing problem in Namibia. That’s why the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia was born. Born to rescue and secure white rhinos and to create a safe habitat for them to live in.

Therefore, our most important task is clear: To create and maintain security in and around the sanctuary.

Besides a close collaboration with the surroundings, privately owned land registers, authorities, and local communities, we have deployed anti-poaching teams with dogs to catch intruders and involve the authorities. To avoid corruption, the teams are changed regularly.

Fostering safe relationships between rhinos and humans

We are working hard on establishing a trustworthy relationship between the employees at the sanctuary and the rhinos that live here.

One of the initiatives is to ensure fixed feeding times and fixed feeding places around the sanctuary in order for the rhinos to learn that they can count on humans and trust them.

Ensuring a long, healthy life for our rhinos

Even though we want to restore the wild living conditions of white rhinos in a protected area with a minimum of human interference, we also believe in ensuring the longest, healthiest life possible for our rhinos.

Therefore, we keep an eye on the rhinos’ health at all times and closely monitor their behaviour to keep them thriving in our sanctuary.

Together, we are securing the future of white rhinos

Our mission is to restore the wild living conditions of white rhinos in a protected area. That’s the mission we want you to be part of. We know that we can’t do it alone.

How we select the white rhinos

We buy most of our rhinos at auctions or directly from private owners who cannot afford to raise the rhinos themselves or have major resource problems in relation to illegal poaching. We buy the rhinos and ensure a safe existence for them in our wild surroundings.

Mostly, we buy rhinos in herds. Rhinos are gregarious animals and therefore, we try to avoid breaking up established herds, as this would create insecurity and reduce the chances of them thriving in new surroundings.

A herd usually consists of several females and only one to two males. Therefore, as a starting point, it will also only be possible to adopt the females, as they live at the sanctuary for a longer period of time. The males are relocated after a few years, and new breeding males are added to the herd.

How we integrate the white rhinos

All trades and transport of the rhinos are approved and monitored by the authorities. Prior to the transportation, the rhinos are stunned with arrows, after which they are loaded into containers approved for the transport of living animals. The transportation itself is monitored by both authorities and helicopters.

When the rhinos arrive at the sanctuary, they are let out into a smaller area of 200 hectares where they get to settle. Here, they are closely monitored to ensure they have the best conditions for a safe start. The rhinos are kept in the same herd at all times, which helps them adapt to their new surroundings.

When the herd has settled in, the rhinos are let out and can live freely in the wildly safe surroundings at the sanctuary.

How we manage your investment

As said before, what you give is what you get. Rhino Sanctuary Namibia is not set up to make profit. We are born to take action. To make a difference. Together with you as a partner or member.

Your money goes to the purchase of the rhinoceros, transportation, vet, and food. That’s what we mean when we say ‘what you give is what you get’.

Our mission

We want to rescue and secure white rhinos.

Reported rhino poaching deaths in Namibia

Over the past years, the illegal poaching of white rhinos in Namibia has increased significantly. As a result, the white rhinos are now considered an endangered species.

Source: Data from 2006 to 2020 are from IUCN’s African Rhino Specialist Group. 2021 and 2022 numbers are from Namibia’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism as of January 2023.

What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

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