At the rhino sanctuary in Namibia, you can assist in saving the white rhinos.

Beate has embraced motherhood once again

Beate has embraced motherhood once again, giving her adorable newborn the perfect start to life.

As we eagerly anticipate the joyous revelation of whether the newborn is a male or female, we’ve decided to give Beate and her little one some cherished moments of solitude for the next month or so.

Becoming a proud mother comes with its own set of responsibilities, and part of that includes Beate keeping Eric, her first-born, at a distance for a while. The question lingers – will this separation be temporary or permanent?

Stay tuned as we unfold the next chapters of this heartwarming journey. More updates to come, bringing you closer to the incredible stories of life and love at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia.

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