White rhinos at the rhino sanctuary Namibia.

DANIMEX-FOOD A/S as a partner of Rhino Sanctuary

We are immensely proud to present DANIMEX-FOOD A/S as a partner of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia.

DANIMEX-FOOD A/S have adopted one of our rhino cows and named her Beate – a name that suits her perfectly. It is no coincidence that DANIMEX-FOOD have chosen to become part of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, as there is a very special bond between them and Africa.

“We, the owners of Danimex-Food A/S, have spent more than 30 years working in and with Africa. This great continent which holds it all: forests, mountains, steps, beaches, desert, and not to forget a fantastic wildlife that you never get tired of discovering. Unfortunately, several species are threatened by extinction, and the white rhino is one of these species. When we heard about Tom’s initiative to create a sanctuary for these magnificent animals, we immediately loved the idea. And it is our pleasure to be a proud partner of the sanctuary and owners of Beate. The signification of Beate is originally the Latin meaning Blessed. It also translates into happy, satisfied, and cool. We wish Beate a long and happy life at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia.“

Together with DANIMEX-FOOD A/S, we make a difference that will last for decades. Read more about their engagement with Rhino Sanctuary Namibia here.

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