At the rhino sanctuary Namibia you can help saving the white rhinos.

Do young rhinos form social groups?

Do young rhinos form social groups just like young people and hang out together day after day, night after night?

Yes, indeed, they do. And we would like to introduce you to our spirited teenagers at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia – a small group consisting of four heifers relocated last year to our sanctuary from a farm in Kalahari.

Gjedda, the seven-year-old leader of the group, and Mischa, the youngest at five, along with two six-year-olds, form a dynamic group that roams around, explores, and sticks together day and night. From time to time, the group also pays a visit to some of the other rhino groups at the sanctuary.

Gjedda and Mischa are easy to spot, but we need your help to name the remaining two sister members of this lively pack.

Want to adopt and be a part of their incredible journey? See more here.

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