Mom rhino and her rhino calf at the rhino sanctuary.

Every newborn calf is a little miracle

Every newborn calf is a little miracle.

At Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, it’s our experience that the female rhino will isolate herself in dense vegetation for protection when she is having a calf. Therefore, we make sure not to get too close, and we observe and monitor the wellbeing of the mother and her newborn calf from a distance. From the begining, the bond between the mother and her calf is very strong, and they will keep to themselves. But when the calf is about 1 month old, the mother will start to introduce it to the other rhinos, and we will try to get closer to determine whether the calf is a male or female.

We expect 35 newborn calves on average every year, and we can’t wait to welcome them.

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