The wildest experience of your life

What if you could sip your morning coffee while the wild white rhinos stroll past the terrace or enjoy the sun’s rays on the grass in front of the lodge?

What if you could experience the African sunset to the sight of a herd of rhinos, ending the day with a cooling evening dip in the waterhole?

What if you could visit your rhino and experience its wildly safe existence in the sanctuary you have made possible?

Experience Center

Visit Rhino Sanctuary Namibia

After being part of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, you get the opportunity to visit the sanctuary and meet your own rhino together with one person of your choice. 

Together, you will experience the wild life of rhinos firsthand, while enjoying unspoiled nature and open spaces as far as the eyes can see. 

Rhino Sanctuary is also your sanctuary. The wild nature surrounding the lodge enables a total break from your everyday life as there is almost no reception. 

Here, you get the chance to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with beautiful, calm nature and the wild life of Namibia.

Life is an amazing and wonderful journey. Be courageous and adventureous when you set sail.

Tom Kjær

Rhino Sanctuary, Namibia