Mom rhino and her rhino calf at the rhino sanctuary.

Keep our beloved rhinos safe

We take several measures to keep our beloved rhinos safe.

We have a fencing team: The team is currently erecting 75 km of inner electrified fences to double fence the whole area. The fences and entire perimetre are patrolled twice a day, every single day.

We have an anti poaching programme: Our anti poaching programme consists of four teams made up of two men and one dog, and we use k9 for tracking and taking down poachers. Our teams are in the fields 24/7, and they are constantly moving around, monitoring and reporting back on the wellbeing of the rhinos.

We have strategically placed surveillance: Around the whole area, we have observations towers and camera surveillance as well as drone surveillance during the night. On top of that, we do de-bushing for the purpose of security (and stimulation of grass growth).

Fortunately, we haven’t had any incidents or confrontations till date, and we aim to keep it this way going forward.

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