At the rhino sanctuary in Namibia, you can assist in saving the white rhinos.

Keeping a close eye on Eric

Keeping a close eye on Eric.

Since giving birth to her second calf, Beate has kept her firstborn, Eric, at a distance. Therefore, our vigilant anti-poaching team has taken on the task of closely monitoring Eric’s adventures during this time.

It’s an intriguing journey to witness how Eric will adapt to this new situation. At three years of age, he’s more than capable of taking care of himself, but there’s no denying the impact of a mother’s loving company.

In the vast expanse of our sanctuary, Eric navigates with ease, knowing the area like the back of his hoof. And at the same time, the camaraderie with other rhinos is a familiar dance, creating a sense of connection and understanding.

Stay tuned for updates as we unveil the story of Eric’s independent exploration.

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