Hanseatic Bunker Services GmbH

Hanseatic Bunker Services GmbH

As a member of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, the company Hanseatic Bunker Services GMbH plays an important role in our conservation efforts, and we are incredibly proud to have them as a member of the sanctuary.

Read Martin Rasmussen, CEO, statement below:

“Personally and professionally, there are things we cannot control in our daily interactions.

However, we can make choices that impact environmental issues, aimed at preserving the Earth we walk on and the diversity of life.

By dedicating our time and resources to a cause we believe in, we can encourage others to do the same.

We take pride in being members of the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia. With our support, the project can continue to save these incredible creatures and ensure their survival.”

Martin Rasmussen, CEO, Hanseatic Bunker Services GMbH