Michael Carstensen

Michael Carstensen, New Zealand

My interest in the rhino goes back to the first time i was in Africa, i find it majestic for some reason “a calm giant”.

On my morning drives through Nairobi national park there was a family of rhinos I would see on rare occasions and this would be the highlight of my day!

I feel that your concept is a great way for me to contribute. I know there are many other organizations out there who do things for the rhinos, but with yours,

I feel confident in knowing where the contributions will end up and what they will be used for. Especially knowing your personal commitment to the project and where your heart is in this. 

The main thing that interested me in the projects is the opportunity even goal that people can come to see the sanctuary, participate in the work for shorter or longer periods. Focus on young people coming and seeing how the rhinos live. 

As they say, the children are our future!! If we change the mindsets by people seeing these animals live first hand, this will make a huge change.


Michael Carstensen

What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

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