New baby calf at the rhino sanctuary Namibia.

Otto the first-born bull calf at Rhino Sanctuary

We’re thrilled to introduce Otto, the first-born bull calf at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, proudly brought into the world by Gloria X.

Gloria X has been an exceptional mother, ensuring Otto’s safety and well-being, and the mother and son already know how to make the most of their days. They spend every morning and afternoon by one of the waterholes at the sanctuary, and in the middle of the day, they relax under the shaded trees.

Now, as Otto is 5 months old and already weighing more than 180 kilos, Gloria X has taken the next step by introducing him to a lively group of five rhinos – featuring a one-year-old heifer, a three-year-old bull calf, and three experienced rhino cows.

The teenagers, Gjedda, Mischa, and their friends, have been frequent visitors to Gloria X and her adorable calf. When these spirited youngsters gather, Gloria X effortlessly asserts herself as the boss, showcasing her maternal authority.

Join us in welcoming Otto to our growing rhino family and stay tuned for more updates about Otto over the next weeks!

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