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Meet “Baby” Tutter the rhino

Baby Tutter is an adorable baby rhino born in April 2023 and the pioneer of new beginnings at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia. Tutter is curious, calm, and kind by nature, and she is an absolute angel to have at our sanctuary. Despite her curious personality, she still prefers to stay close to her mom, but day by day she gets braver and explores more areas of the sanctuary by herself.

First Class Trophy and their wild journey

First Class Trophy Taxidermy’s biggest wish was to adopt a baby rhino and name it Tutter. And Rhino Sanctuary Namibia truly is a place where dreams and wishes do come true! We are really looking forward to following this inspiring journey where dreams and good ambitions transform into reality. Read below why First Class Trophy Taxidermy chose to donate a rhino and join the wildest journey.

“First Class Trophy Taxidermy takes great pride in its role as a dedicated sponsor of the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the preservation of wildlife. As the largest taxidermy company across Europe, we hold a deep awareness of our inherent responsibilities and the imperative to safeguard our planet’s natural heritage.

It is universally recognised that well-regulated and lawful selective hunting, constituting a pivotal economic force, plays a significant role in the sustenance and advancement of both wildlife populations and their ecosystems. Numerous instances underscore the crucial role of funds generated from responsible hunting in ensuring the safety of animals from illicit hunting and poaching, which involves the illegal killing of animals.

In this context, the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia emerges as an indispensable and warmly embraced initiative, devoted to the safeguarding of rhinoceros populations from the harmful activities of sophisticated criminal syndicates, who seek to exploit these magnificent creatures for the illegal trade of their horns.

We strongly implore the conscientious participation of selective hunters, other individuals that love nature, companies, and organisations urging their resolute support for the noble pursuits embodied by the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia. By uniting our efforts, we can collectively propel forward the vital cause of conservation.”


Carsten Skakkebaek
Founder and CEO
First Class Trophy Taxidermy

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