Gaute & Torstein Vik

Gaute & Torstein Vik


Meet Gjedda the rhino

Allow us to introduce Gjedda, a seven-year-old rhino cow. Gjedda is the proud leader of our group of spirited teenagers relocated from a farm in Kalahari in the beginning of 2023.

Gjedda, the leader of the group, and Mischa, the youngest at five, along with two six-year-olds, form a dynamic group that roams around, explores, and sticks together day after day, night after night. From time to time, the group also pays a visit to some of the other rhino groups at the sanctuary.

Gaute & Torstein Vik and their partnership

To Gaute & Torstein Vik, the adoption of a white rhino is in line with their commitment to leaving a positive mark on Nature and to helping ensure the survival of endangered species – the white rhino as well as the Atlantic salmon.

“Gjedda means pike in Norwegian. The pike is a robust survivor of a fish and has given our fishing team their name: Team Gjeddekongen. We fish for Atlantic salmon in Namsos, Norway, every year and as with the white rhinos, the Atlantic salmon population is suffering. Hopefully, we will see both populations prosper out of endangerment. From now, we will bring a picture of Gjedda every year to guard over us while we fish in the same way Tom Kjær and his initiative embraces the future of this fine animal. I hope to see Gjedda and her herd grazing the plains of Namibia in the near future.”

Gaute & Torstein Vik

What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

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