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Meet Joanna the rhino

Meet Joanna, the firstborn rhino at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia. Joanna was born in March 2023, and she symbolises new beginnings and a bright future for the reproduction and expansion of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia.

Joanna is a lovely and playful calf, and even though she is still young, she is very social and loves to be around the other rhinos during the day. Joanna indeed feels safe and free when being together with more rhinos and belonging to a pack. But Joanna also takes time for herself to go explore and in that way she is a brave little rhino.

From our perspective, it’s our responsibility to protect and preserve the incredible biodiversity our planet holds. Joanna, with her playful spirit, represents the hope we carry for the future — a future where rhinos and all wildlife not only survive, but thrive.

Dacapo Stainless’ wish to give back to nature

Henrik adopted Joanna with the ambition to be a part of a wild project and give back to our beloved nature and wildlife. Read Henrik’s good-hearted statement about the importance of being part of this mission:

“There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a mother rhino and her calf grazing peacefully in their natural home. They are the living legacy of our planet’s evolution, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that they have a bright and secure future. That is why we are proud to partner with Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, a dedicated organisation that works tirelessly to protect and conserve these magnificent animals.

By making a small donation, we are contributing to their efforts to create a safe and thriving environment for the rhinos and their offspring. Our dream is that baby Joanna, the adorable calf that was born in the sanctuary, will grow up healthy and happy, and one day become a mother herself. We hope that she and her calf will enjoy the company of many other rhinos, and inspire the world with their love and strength.”