Hvidbjerg Strand

Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark A/S


Meet Tilde the rhino

Allow us to introduce Tilde, a lovely female cow. At 10 years old and weighing approximately 1.5 tons, Tilde is not just a magnificent presence, but also a proud mother.

In March 2023, Tilde welcomed her first calf, a beautiful heifer named Joanna. During the initial three months after Joanna’s arrival, Tilde displayed a protective nature, often preferring solitude with her newborn—a common behavior for first-time mothers.

Fast forward, and the narrative has transformed. Tilde and Joanna are now a daily sight, frequently meeting with Toni, Tutter, and another rhino cow named Beate, accompanied by her bull calf, Eric. These three rhino moms and their calves have formed a social group, regularly gathering in a designated spot each afternoon. Here, we share moments and foster a relaxed relationship between these incredible rhinos and our team.

Towards late afternoon, right in front of our lodge, we extend the feeding tradition to include other animals, primarily diverse antelopes and gazelles. Tilde and Joanna have caught on to this routine, becoming completely at ease approaching our guests.

Hvidbjerg Strand and their partnership

To Hvidbjerg Strand, the adoption of a white rhino is a true testament to their commitment to protecting Nature. In addition, they hope to motivate others to also become part og this important project.

“Hvidbjerg Strand is nestled within a beautiful natural expanse on the West Coast of Denmark. It forms the very essence of why we warmly welcome numerous guests each year to our cabins, hotel, and campground.

We highly value and understand the imminence importance of protecting Nature, Habitat and Wildlife in coexistence with humans, and we consider it our solemn duty to support meaningful initiatives that contribute to the preservation of endangered species worldwide.

Our commitment to adopting a white rhinoceros in Rhino Sanctuary Namibia is a statement to this responsibility.

While our contribution may appear modest, we aspire to be part of a larger movement, fervently hoping that our actions will ignite a spark in other businesses to join the cause of safeguarding endangered species.

We eagerly anticipate following Tilde and her calf, Joanna, in the years ahead. Perhaps, we might even be fortunate enough to witness Tilde welcoming yet another calf into the world.

Furthermore, we are enthusiastic about sharing the tale of Tilde and this remarkable haven in Namibia with our many guests.

We aspire that by narrating Tilde’s story and her life in Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, we can foster awareness and kindle a passion within our visitors to engage in the preservation of habitat and endangered species.”

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What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

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