Søren Midtgaard

Søren Midtgaard


Meet Toni the rhino

Allow us to introduce Toni – the grand madame of the sanctuary. With her 16 years, she is the most mature rhino cow here and also the mother of Tutter, our sweet little baby rhino born in April 2023. Toni is a real angel and by nature very calm and peaceful. Overall, she is a great example of the successful integration to the sanctuary and a role model for future rhinos joining.

Every day in the afternoon, Toni along with Tutter come strolling in front of our Hemingway Lodge, to great delight for everyone. Rhinos are very social, but not heard animals. However, Toni is the head of a small group with three rhino cows and their calves. Normally, they meet once a day where the youngsters can play around and form friendships. It is a true joy to watch the rhinos and know that they are safe and thriving in their natural habitat.

Søren adopted Toni with the ambition and wish to be part of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia and be able to give back to nature. Read Søren’s good-hearted statement about the importance of being part of this mission:

“White rhinos are on the brink of extinction due to relentless poaching and habitat destruction. We are pleased to be able to support Rhino Sanctuary Namibia’s vital mission to protect and nurture these magnificent creatures. Helping to create meaningful jobs in Namibia is just one added benefit.”

What if we invested in the rhinos instead of killing them?

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