Saving the white rhinos

Relocation of rhinos to a safe habitat

At Rhino Sanctuary Namibia, our commitment to the wellbeing and preservation of these incredible creatures drives every aspect of our work.

One vital initiative we proudly undertake is the relocation of rhinos to provide them with a safer habitat. The relocation process follows these steps:

1. Securing permits: Securing appropriate permits from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, along with the Namibian Veterinarian Association, is the initial step to ensure a seamless relocation process.

2. Logistical planning: Thorough planning involves coordination with government officials, helicopter arrangements, transportation with specially designed rhino crates, and a professional game capturing team to facilitate a safe and efficient relocation.

3. The big day – relocation: On relocation day, our skilled veterinarians dart or tranquilize the rhino from a helicopter. This allows for careful inspection and gentle guidance of the rhino into its crate. Antibiotics and essential vitamins are administered during this phase to ensure a smooth transition for the rhino.

4. Transportation and monitoring: The rhino is carefully loaded into a crate using a crane and transported with the veterinarian monitoring its wellbeing throughout the journey.

5. Integration at the sanctuary: Rhino family groups are relocated together to maintain the integrity of their family structures. Mothers with small calves are initially released into smaller fenced areas, enabling them to reconnect and find comfort in their new surroundings. This ensures a smooth transition before they are released into the main area to roam freely.

Rhinos are incredibly social animals, and our relocation process reflects our dedication to maintaining their well-being and family bonds.

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