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Three incredible rhino mothers

Over the past few months, we’ve had the privilege of closely witnessing the beautiful journey of three incredible rhino mothers – Toni, Tilde, and Beate – roaming the plains with their adorable calves—Tutter, Joanna, and Eric.

Every afternoon, this charming trio meets up at their dedicated “treat” place and later in front of our lodge, where we extend the feast to some of our other animal friends.

Toni, our Grand Madame, takes the lead when all six of them gather, orchestrating their journey to the front of our lodge, where they confidently “take over” our feeding spot. It’s a heartwarming spectacle, a testament to the strong bonds within our rhino family.

As Beate now has given birth to her second calf, we wonder how the addition will influence the current social structures and how Eric, the little adventurer, will react to the new family dynamics.

Stay tuned for more updates and until then, visit our website.

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