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Welcoming the rainy season at Rhino Sanctuary

Welcoming the rainy season at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia Sanctuary.

The first rain showers have graced us, marking the commencement of this year’s rainy season. Over the next few weeks and months, our sanctuary will transform into a sea of green, providing a bountiful feast for all our animals.

Anticipation is in the air as we await the arrival of hundreds of newborns – from playful calves to adorable fawns – representing over 40 different species. It’s a time of joy and celebration, as we warmly welcome the newest members of our sanctuary family.

For our rhinos, this season signifies a shift in preferences. The allure of fresh green and lush grass beckons, and our majestic rhinos will venture off, disappearing into nature for days. During this period, we intensify our efforts to track and ensure the safety of all our animals.

As the rain graces us with its presence, we find joy in witnessing the flourishing life it brings to our sanctuary.

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