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What’s better than a little snack

What’s better than a little afternoon snack together?

Our grand madame, Toni, and her sweet baby rhino, Tutter, love to meet up with Tilde and her baby rhino, Joanna, as well as another rhino cow, Beate, and her three-year-old calf, Eric. These three rhino moms and their calves have formed a close-knit social group, regularly gathering in a designated spot each afternoon for a little snack, chat, and some playtime for the little ones.

To foster a relaxed relationship between these majestic creatures and our guests, we’ve introduced a daily feeding routine. We provide our rhinos with hay at various locations, along with irresistible mineral salt licks — akin to sweets for these incredible animals.

In the late afternoon, right in front of our lodge, we extend the tradition to include other animals, primarily diverse antelopes and gazelles. Tilde and Joanna have embraced this routine, becoming entirely comfortable approaching our guests, which is indeed a beautiful sight!

Get to know our rhinos even better right here.

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