Saving the white rhinos

Our members at Rhino Sanctuary

Our members at Rhino Sanctuary Namibia are making a significant impact on behalf of our beloved white rhinos, and we are incredibly proud to introduce one of them to you today, namely Michael Carstensen

His fascination with the rhino, often referred to as “the calm giant,” traces back to his time in Africa. There, he would witness families of rhinos strolling the landscapes. This experience left no doubt in his mind that he needed to step in and take action to safeguard the future of the white rhinos.

“I find your concept to be an excellent avenue for me to contribute. While there are numerous other organizations out there working for the benefit of rhinos, what distinguishes yours is the assurance I have in understanding where the contributions will be directed and how they will be utilized.” 

Are you also interested in making a profound, impactful investment that will play a role in securing the future of white rhinos? Discover more about Michael’s motivations for becoming a member of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia here.

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