Save the rhinos become a partner at the rhino sanctuary Namibia.

Proud to present our newest partner

We are very proud to present our newest partner of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia.

Søren Midtgaard has adopted Toni, also known as the grand madame of the sanctuary. Toni is the mother of Baby Tutter and with her 16 years, she is the most mature rhino here. By nature, she is very calm and a great example of a successful rhino integration at our sanctuary. We are very excited about our new partner and so is Søren.

“White rhinos are on the brink of extinction due to relentless poaching and habitat destruction. We are pleased to be able to support the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia’s vital mission to protect and nurture these magnificent creatures. Helping to create meaningful jobs in Namibia is just one added benefit”, Søren explains.

Learn more about Søren’s story and get to know Toni a bit better here.

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