At the rhino sanctuary Namibia you can help saving the white rhinos.

Introducing first Class Trophy Taxidermy

We take immense pride in introducing another esteemed partner of Rhino Sanctuary Namibia – First Class Trophy Taxidermy.

This partnership stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to wildlife preservation and their profound understanding of the urgency to safeguard our planet’s natural heritage. Their alignment with our mission and values is evident.

“At First Class Trophy Taxidermy, we strongly implore the conscientious participation of selective hunters, other individuals that love nature, companies, and organizations urging their resolute support for the noble pursuits embodied by the Rhino Sanctuary Namibia. By uniting our efforts, we can collectively propel forward the vital cause of conservation.”

First Class Trophy Taxidermy has embraced one of our rhinos, affectionately naming her Tutter – a name that resonates perfectly. Tutter is already relishing her life to the fullest, and witnessing her freely roam the sanctuary fills us with joy.

For further insights into this partnership, explore more here.

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