New baby calf at the rhino sanctuary Namibia.

Welcoming Gaute & Torstein Vik as our newest partner

Welcoming Gaute & Torstein Vik as our newest partner.

We are thrilled to announce the heartfelt partnership with Gaute & Torstein Vik, dedicated individuals with a passion for conservation and a commitment to making a positive impact on Nature.

Gaute & Torstein Vik have adopted one of our teenage rhinos and named her Gjedda. A name that has a very special meaning to them.

“Gjedda means pike in Norwegian. The pike is a robust survivor of a fish and has given our fishing team their name: Team Gjeddekongen. We fish for Atlantic salmon in Namsos, Norway, every year and as with the white rhinos, the Atlantic salmon population is suffering. Hopefully, we will see both populations prosper out of endangerment. From now, we will bring a picture of Gjedda every year to guard over us while we fish in the same way Tom Kjær and his initiative embraces the future of this fine animal. I hope to see Gjedda and her herd grazing the plains of Namibia in the near future.”

Together with Gaute & Torstein Vik, we make a difference that will last for decades. Read more about their engagement with Rhino Sanctuary Namibia here.

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